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Our Team

Stacy Solomon

Stacy has been managing property in the Warrensburg area for over 11 years. That experience coupled with serving 11 years as an army officer has provided her with some keen insights on how to get things done. You’ll find Stacy well versed in assisting owners in getting the very best out of every property we manage.


Sheryl has spent her working life honing her small business bookkeeping skills, as a result you will find comfort in having someone provide you with an accurate account of your property’s financial health. You can depend on Sheryl to provide you with accurate and timely statements so that you can make the best decisions concerning your property.

Office Manager

For 3 years Rena has insured new and existing tenants enjoy the best experience possible. Whether you’re just beginning the application process or requiring a resolution to a maintenance concern Rena is here to serve you.

Rick Solomon

Rick because of his years in the Army, retail sales, financial planning, and marketing brings a diverse set of skills to the office. As a result of his experiences you can rest assured that your property will be well marketed, professionally shown, and that tenant concerns will be quickly addressed.